A land called Molise (Italy) YouTube series “Una terra chiamata Molise 2”


After the success of the first season, Una terra chiamata Molise, (A land called Molise) with over 92,000 views on the official YouTube channel, and a view count that continues to grow every day, came the idea for ​​a second series. The second season will have the same structure and format as the first season, with more articulated plots and new characters to support those already known by the viewers of the first season.

The Italian region of Molise is a character in and of it’s own, and is the stage for these episodes which emphasize the inherent landscapes, villages, culture and artistic reality of the people who live and work there. This series incorporates a 360 degree view of this small and unique region, by evoking images and emotions, past and present, that we can all associate with.

The sponsors of these episodes consist of private companies that actually work and live in this region, and without their assistance this project could never have been realized. We are so thankful that they believed in this project and for the trust they put in us to materialize this initiative. We hope that we have conveyed this in the way that we have incorporated them into our narrative and shown everyone watching this series, how important it is to promote from within our little known region.

Il villaggio della cultura is the cultural association that has created and produced this series of docu-fiction. This association, since it’s inception, has included many objectives in different ways but has constantly aimed at the promotion of this obscure territory.

This project consists of three basic purposes:

  1. To make the region of Molise known to those who have never visited it.
  2. To bring together it’s emigrants scattered throughout Italy and the world.
  3. To show what Molise has to offer from many points of view.

The second season trailer is being published today October 31, 2018 on the web. This season contains 15 episodes that will be aired twice a week. We hope you will enjoy this new season as much as the last one.

(English subtitles available)

It is our sincerest wish that viewers will enjoy this season as much, if not more than the first one.  We invite people from every region of Italy as well as other countries to watch and be entertained by what we believe to be a great achievement for this region of Italy. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible across the globe so that they will want to come and visit our quaint little piece of paradise. Thanks to the English subtitles translated by me, Marie Luciano, the producers hope to reach a broader audience by making the script accessible to more viewers. We are confident that after viewing this unique series of the land between the mountains and the sea. you will be motivated to visit us …. a land called Molise.




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