How to create or open a file in Photoshop

Immediately start mastering the basic functions of the number 1 software used for photo editing

The first time you open Photoshop, it may seem like a confusing set of icons, menus, and options. But don’t be discouraged because we will cover these controls step by step to analyze all the main functions, starting with the basics and then move on to the more complex ones. Let’s start by analyzing Photoshop’s three main functions that comprise the base of any project. We are talking about how to create a new file, how to save it on your computer and finally how to open an existing file. These steps will require the knowledge of information such as image resolution and file formats which are covered in this post (click here).

1. Create a graphic file

To create a file, go to File / New, insert the file details such as name, size, unit and resolution click on OK.

2. Save your project

To save your file go to File / Save as. You can choose to keep the name you used to create the file or rename the file and, more importantly, choose the format of the file.

3. Open an image

To open an existing file, simply go to File / Open and use the window that appears to browse through your files and choose the image you wish to open. Once chosen, select it and click on Open.

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