Facebook and Instagram, better together!


How to use a Facebook page and an Instagram profile together to transform today’s followers into tomorrow’s customers.

Facebook is now a huge marketing platform whose goal is to bring people together. Each of Facebook’s new features and functionalities, and their constant updates of the algorithms with which the priorities for displaying content are defined (friends, page, and group posts) goes in this direction: to stimulate conversations and engage people to communicate with one another.

Often, however, brands persist in publishing content with external links, which inhibit this strategy. Result: company page posts get less audience visibility. Here is an excellent solution, use Facebook and Instagram together to give wider visibility to company accounts.

Let’s take a look at the 6 most useful tips we’ve found and compiled for you to integrate Facebook with Instagram.


  1. Create a weekly album on Facebook with the pictures you’ve posted on Instagram the week before. Add the link to the Instagram profile in the album and, if you collect images of your followers through a company hashtag, also publish those, tagging the authors of the photos.

  2. Invite your Instagram followers to become “fans” of your Facebook page. On Facebook you can create a personalized audience made up of users who have engaged with your Instagram profile. You can then activate a sponsored post, addressed exclusively to them, with which you will invite them to also follow your Facebook page.

  3. Use Instagram stories. If your Instagram profile has at least 10k followers and is linked to a Facebook page, you can enter links into the stories. The “bio” of Instagram is not the only space where you can insert a clickable link.
    Instagram stories have a lot of visibility. I suggest you publish at least one a day, which refers to your Facebook page. It could be, for example, an invitation to publish an image and tag it with a specific hashtag this way it could be chosen to be published in the Facebook weekly album.

  4. Use shopping on Instagram to tag products in your posts and stories. This new feature was launched in 2018 and allows you to tag products in your posts and stories to let users view your products information and buy the products from your website without ever leaving Instagram. To activate this feature you must have an Instagram Business profile connected to a Facebook Catalog, also your Instagram business must primarily sell physical goods and meet all the requirements. After following these steps you’ll have to wait for approval to use Shopping on Instagram.

  5. Create a landing page and link it in the Instagram “bio”. Do not link the homepage of your website to the Instagram “bio”, instead create a link that directs to a specific landing page in which you can insert the link to your website homepage.  For example, create a landing page in which you insert links to your products and your Facebook page, including the “Like” button, which allows users to become a fan of your FB page without leaving the landing page.

  6. Launch an Instagram contest and advertise it on Facebook. For several months now the use of organized contests with prizes has been made much simpler; so why not launch a competition that facilitates the traffic to your own Instagram company profile? This will expedite the process of acquiring new followers. A follower today, is a customer tomorrow.


I hope that you have enjoyed these tips of social media marketing that I’ve compiled for you and that you’ve found several that you will use. I appreciate your time and gratefully accept any feedback. Thank you and please visit this blog again for new posts

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