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    30 Most Popular Serif Fonts

    When you find yourself in front of a serif font, or otherwise known as a "grace" font, it is common to define it with a classical term. Why; perhaps the reason lies in the resemblance of it's letters to the calligraphic scriptures used in the fifteenth century, when the use of the printing press was gradually spreading throughout Europe. However, even serif fonts are modern, they have united the letters of the Latin alphabet with numbers and punctuation used commonly today for printing. Over the years, characters like Garamond of the late Renaissance period and Caslon of the Baroque period have been replicated, and have given these fonts timeless attributes, for instance the Caslon font, can be extremely modern even though it's about 300 years old. Even renowned…

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    20 Awesome Script Fonts

       Rich in elegance and curves and inspired by ancient handwritten texts, today there are a large gamut of script fonts available for use, you are literally spoiled for choice. Though they are considered a single group, calligraphy fonts are generally subdivided into various styles/categories... Formal ones, inspired by the formal calligraphy of the seventeenth century; casual ones, more modern fonts that generally vary in thickness and aim at reproducing fast manual writing; calligraphic fonts, which comprise actual calligraphy fonts that have been used for centuries and are still commonly used today; and finally Blackletter & Lombardic fonts, inspired by lettering for manuscripts used prior to the invention of movable type. The commonality is that…

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    40 Exceptional Display & Headline Fonts

    . Display fonts or Headline fonts are the first thing you notice on a page layout. If your headline font is not up to par, you can kiss your viewers goodbye! These high impact headline fonts were selected because they have a lot of character and can really add a wow factor and influence attraction to your project. They contain all the qualities that make them particularly attractive to the viewer, which is necessary to maximize your exposure and attract attention to your projects. The dimensions seem to say something about the print character and, consequently, the designers. Perhaps they reveal the power of words, of language, or perhaps they…