Facebook and Instagram, better together!

  How to use a Facebook page and an Instagram profile together to transform today’s followers into tomorrow’s customers. Facebook is now a huge marketing platform whose goal is to bring people together. Each of Facebook’s new features and functionalities, and their constant updates of the algorithms with which the priorities for displaying content are defined

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20 Awesome Script Fonts

   Rich in elegance and curves and inspired by ancient handwritten texts, today there are a large gamut of script fonts available for use, you are literally spoiled for choice. Though they are considered a single group, calligraphy fonts are generally subdivided into various styles/categories… Formal ones, inspired by the formal calligraphy of the seventeenth

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40 Exceptional Display & Headline Fonts

. Display fonts or Headline fonts are the first thing you notice on a page layout. If your headline font is not up to par, you can kiss your viewers goodbye! These high impact headline fonts were selected because they have a lot of character and can really add a wow factor and influence attraction

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Hello & welcome to my blog by Marie Luciano

Meet Marie My name is Marie Luciano I was born in Texas, and I moved to Italy at a young age with my family where I grew up. I began my interest in creative design in high school and after graduating in Creative & Multimedia Design at the Infobasic Institute of Pescara (Italy), I am now a freelance graphic designer. I am

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Freelance Graphic Designer, Youtuber, Blogger, Digital Product Creator (Mockups, Vectors, Images).



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