Turning a passion into a career

Finding a job in Italy isn't easy, thankfully my passion for art and design pushed me to seek work where there is none. I did lots and lots of research on how I could turn my passion into a full time job, I already had a degree in Creative & Multimedia design, all I was missing was a plan.

I know that this path will not always be easy and that you can’t succeed alone, that’s why I’m open to advice and criticism because my supporters are the ones that give me motivation.

My story

Italy has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment among the 35 member countries of the Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development.

Within my 3rd year of being a Graphic Design graduate, and not being able to find a full time job as a graphic designer or in any other field for that matter, I’ve decided that, that’s it, I’m done, I’m jumping in to a life of freedom, whereby, I am going to work on my own terms doing what I love.

Using my graphic design knowledge and experience to create my own online business.

I’m still in the initial phase of this great adventure, but it will be very exciting and entertaining, so stay tuned to my website and this page for updates about my business.

Meet the Team

Get one person with great ideas and work ethics, excellent electronic devices...

and the possibilities are limitless!!




Sidekick, he's our window to the world and knows the answer to any question.


Marie Luciano


Creative Graphic Designer, Youtuber and Blogger.




Creative Thinker, looks at things in a new way,  has the ability to devise new ways to carry out tasks.

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